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Crown Doors International revolutionary Double Glazed Venetian Blinds are Quality Tested, Energy Efficient, Cost Efficient, Completely Sealed, Maintenance Free and Easy Control, which is the optimum choice of  double glazed venetians for use in hospitals, nurseries, schools, offices, hotels and other public places.


List of venue's that have CROWN DOUBLE GLAZED VENETIANS


Auburn Hospital 
Campbelltown Private Hospital
Norwest Private Hospital
Mater Hospital 
Sutherland Hospital
Wagga Wagga Bass Hospital 
Castle Hill Day Surgery
Gosford Hospital 
John Hunter Hospital
James Craig Hospital 
Campelltown Public Hospital
Royal Childrens Hospital (Melb) 
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Royal North Shore Hospital 
Robina Hospital (Qld)Orange Hospital 
Wollongong Hospital
Gold Coast Uni Hospital 

Lady MacKillop College 
Assumption Convent 
Holy Family College 
Dental Health 
BreastScreen. (SA) 
Mine Drilling Rig (NSW)


The Way of The Future

Ideally suited for this enviroment using our sealed units which allows for a perfect sterile and maintenance free environment.

Laboratories require high levels of hygiene. They also need to be able to control incoming light as they often use light-sensitive materials.

A magnetic control unit that allows you to open and close the blinds from both sides of the sealed unit, allowing the monitoring of the baby nurseries and wards without disturbing patient's.

Where food is being prepared and is exposed to direct sunlight, this can have an effect on the quality of food being served. 

Glass walls using CROWN DOORS Double Glazed Venetians is an ideal solution for many reasons
1/People who suffer from claustrophobia
2/Reduced sound levels
3/Privacy when needed
5/Control outsde light transmission.
and for many other reasons.

The use of CROWN VENETIAN windows as a external unit will save up tp 70% of the operting cost of air-conditioning which will be a major saving to any company. CROWN DOORS Double Glazed Venetians have also developed a Retro frame unit allowing for a double glazed venetian blind system to be fitted into most fixed window frames, taking a standard single pane window to triple glazed with a sealed Venetian blinds (this will also reduce sound levels). Different Tints and Low-E is also available.



Double Glazed Venetian Blinds are fully sealed between 2 layers of toughened glass.

Features Include

  • Clean for life
  • Maintenance free
  • Always stays new
  • Protected against damage 
  • Improved solar control
  • Reduced heat and noise
  • Up to 70% saving cost on Air Conditioning


  • Aluminum blind slats 16mm
  • Airgap 21mm
  • Toughened safety glass from 4mm up to 8mm
  • Glass Clear, grey tint (light to dark) and grey mirror tint available
  • Low-E film is also available
  • Different glass thicknesses inner and outer will lower sound transmission


Quality Tested

  • Our Double Glazed Venetians have been tested by the Optometry and Vision Science at the University of New South Wales
  • They have been calculated using Windows 4.1 program developed by Windows & Daylighting Group at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (NFRC / ASHRAE)
  • Test results have shown a maximum SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) of 0.16


Energy Efficient

A Retro system has been developed which will increase the savings cost on existing buildings by adapting our Double Glaze Venetian unit into the back section of the existing glaze panel, therefore converting a single glaze panel to triple glaze with 2 air-gaps and Venetian blinds. This will give a massive saving on energy bills.


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Crown Doors Double Glazed Venetian Blinds are Quality Tested, Energy Efficient, Maintenance Free and Easy Control, which is the optimum choice of double glazed venetians for use in hospitals, nurseries, schools, offices, hotels and other public places.