French 4-Light Solid Timber Joinery Doors

French 4-Light Solid Timber Joinery Doors, Made of high-quality Maple Solid Timber. Many glazing options to choose from to suit Entrance Doors, Exterior Doors, Internal Doors, Interior Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Glazed Doors. Special door sizes, extra options and glazing options available upon request.


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French 4-Light

French 4-Light Solid Timber Joinery Doors (French 4-Light)


Material:Stain Grade Maple Solid Timber with Glazing Options
Sizes: (mm)HeightWidthThickness
  87040 / 35
  87040 / 35
  82040 / 35
  77040 / 35
  72040 / 35
  62040 / 35
 Trimming (Max 30mm Each Side) and Special Sizes Upon Request
Usage:Entrance Doors, Exterior Doors, Internal Doors, Interior doors, Bi-fold Doors, Glazed Doors
Glazing Option:

Unglazed, Clear, Toughened Clear, Bevel Clear, Toughen-Beveled Clear, Obscure, Bevel Glue Chip, Frost, Bevel Frost, Laminated Clear, Translucent, Grey, Rich Paper, Double-glazed Clear

Obscure: Glue Chip, Cathedral, Spotswood, Seadrift

Extra Option:Heavy Moulding (HM), Rebate, Track & Fittings, Trim Down, Build-up
Warranty T&C:See Details

French 4-Light solid timber doors, made of maple solid timber. Many extra and glazing options available to suit entrance doors, exterior doors, internal doors, interior doors, bi-fold doors, glazed doors.