Regal 10P Solid Timber Joinery Doors

Regal 10P Solid Timber Joinery Doors, Made of high-quality Maple Solid Timber. Many glazing options to choose from to suit Entrance Doors, Exterior Doors, Internal Doors, Interior Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Glazed Doors.


Design Your Own Entry Door
By removing panels from our Regal Doors, you can then have them glazed using variable glazing options. You can also add Heavy Moulding, Cricket Bat and other extra options. All to give it that unique style designed by yourself.


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Regal 10P Solid Timber Joinery Doors (R-10P)


Material:Stain Grade Maple Solid Timber with Glazing Options
Sizes: (mm)HeightWidthThickness
  82040 / 35
 Trimming (Max 30mm Each Side) and Special Sizes Upon Request
Usage:Entrance Doors, Exterior Doors, Internal Doors, Interior doors, Bi-fold Doors, Glazed Doors
Glazing Option:

Unglazed, 5mm Clear, Bevel Clear, Obscure Clear / Frosted, Laminated Clear, Translucent, Grey, Rice Paper, Beveled Gluechip, Beveled Frosted

Obscure Clear: Gluechip, Spotswood, Cathedral, Seadrift, Morgan, Bamboo

Extra Option:

Heavy Moulding (HM), Cricket Bat (CB), Rebate, Track & Fittings, Trim Down, Build-up
Warranty T&C:See Details

Regal 10P solid timber doors, made of maple solid timber. Many extra and glazing options available to suit entrance doors, exterior doors, internal doors, interior doors, bi-fold doors, glazed doors.